Exhibition «Face of War» showcased in response to Putin’s speech at United Nations / Rayburn Foyer - United States Сongressional office "Rayburn House" building and Capitol Hill Club / Washington

An important art event, an exhibition of the world famous painting The Face of War of the outstanding Ukrainian artist Daria Marchenko was held in the US Congress in Washington, on September 28, 2015.  Work was presented at one of the best venues – the capital’s Capitol Hill Club. Tremendous interest in the painting was demonstrated by congressmen, the representatives of the political elite of the United States and other countries: Nancy Pelosi  (Democratic Leader by House Democrats); Ileana Ros-Lehtinen  (Florida State Senator);  Ted W. Lieu  (California State Senator); Ed Royce  (Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee); Paul  Behrends  (Staff Director Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia and Emerging Threats); Сongressman Trent Franks (Arizona's district); David Gowan  (Speaker of the Arizona House of  Representatives); Temur Iakobashvili  (Ambassador of Georgia to the United States). From among others, the exhibition welcomed the former president of Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko. 

"Five Elements of War or the Evolution of Diсtatorship" at the «Theorizing Сonference» in the Museum of the Moving Image in New York.

April 27. 2018. Doctor in interdisciplinary social science from Syracuse University Olga Boichak: «My principal interest lies in the various roles digital media play in constructing social reality. In my research, I fuse ethnographic and computational methods to understand how human and nonhuman actors use digital media to advance political goals. In my opinion, the art of Daria and Daniel very subtly conveys the essence of hybrid warfare».

Museum of the Moving Image advances the understanding, enjoyment, and appreciation of the art, history, technique, and technology of film, television, and digital media by presenting exhibitions, education programs. The «Pinewood Dialogues», an ongoing series of conversations with creative professionals in film, television, and digital media has brought to the Museum’s stage such leading figures as Robert Altman, Martin Scorsese, Sidney Lumet, David Cronenberg, Charles Burnett, Tim Burton, Todd Haynes, Daniel Day-Lewis, Paul Thomas Anderson, Glenn Close, Jim Jarmusch, Terry Gilliam, David Mamet, Bill Cosby, Joan Ganz Cooney, and Frank Oz


Exhibition "Five Elements of War" - Ukrainian Institute of America in New York (UIA)

CNN: "A giant 7-foot tall portrait of Putin made from 5,000 bullets shells used in the Ukraine war is the signature piece of an exhibition called the "Five Elements of War" making its New York debut at the Ukraine Institute of America".

BROADWAY WORLD: "A seven-foot-high portrait of Vladimir Putin composed of thousands of spent bullet casings from the Eastern Ukraine war front is among the highlights of a large-scale multimedia exhibit at the Ukrainian Institute of Americaexploring the impact of Russia's three-year-old military and propaganda war in Ukraine. From January 25th through February 4th, Five Elements of War probes the causes, turmoil, and consequences of the largest military conflict in Europe since World War II, which has already claimed more than 10,000 lives. The exhibit is the brainchild of acclaimed Ukrainian artist-activists Daria Marchenko and Daniel D. Green...

Exhibition "Five Elements of War or the Evolution of Diсtatorship" - Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art (UIMA) in Chicago

"Five Elements of War" is an exhibit of five extraordinary installations by Daria Marchenko and Daniel Green, two contemporary artists from Ukraine, who expressed their opposition of the military aggression in the Donbas region of Ukraine on the border with Russia.

The exhibit opened on August 18 in Chicago at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art and will be on display until September 18. It is an important exhibit for its message but also for its original artistic approach. Motria Melnyk, president of Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, welcomed the guests at the opening, which was attended by several hundred viewers, including Bishop Benedict of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, the consuls of Barbados, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Mexico, the Consul General of Ukraine Larysa Gerasko, and many aficionados of the art community of Chicago, as well as art lovers of the Ukrainian-American community..."

Lecture "Five Elements of War or the Evolution of Dictatorship" - University of Washington in Seattle - April 24, 2017 (Daria Marchenko, Daniel D Green)

Wars represent an integral part of social life beginning with fights with stone axes in the Paleolitic to massive of today . With the development of civilization, nations - learning from their mistakes - came to an understanding of rights and the basic concepts of justice: Laws, both internal and international. They created practice of treaties and international conventions under the influence of the bitter consequences of war. However, dictatorship had been evolving as well as the law, but with much more sophisticated methods of suppression ensured by the modern intellectual level.  The topic of the global evolution of dictatorship is represented in our art – in conceptual philosophical symbolism, in pictures with the power of signification, historical power and the force of epic dramatism...



Lecture "Five Elements of War or the Evolution of Dictatorship" - Ukrainian Cultural Center in Los Angeles

The Series “Five Primary Elements of War or The Evolution of Dictatorship“ consists of the following art works: “The Face of War”, “The Heart of War”, “The Brain of War”, “The Flesh of War” and “The fifth element or man-shell-money”. Every work has its own meaning as a separate art-work, but is, at the same time, interconnected with the other paintings, thus creating an overall composition. The piecesAlchemy” and “Honour” supplement the concept of the series.

Thanks to optical methods and specific character of materials used, almost all works in the series can be viewed dynamically. The pieces are composed of acrylic and oil paints, shells of different calibers, splinters of bombs and rockets, gold, bronze, steel, banknotes, optical glasses and military shoulder boards.

The exhibition "Face of War" /M17 Gallery

On 25 August, the M17 gallery hosted a public presentation of the mosaic exhibit, "Faces of War." Although it was displayed in only one studio, images of the exhibit were broadcast by nearly every international media outlet and published in over 2,000 publications such as the Guardian, Herald, Times and the Wall Street Journal. Daria Marchenko, the author of "Faces of War," exposes the brutality and hypocrisy of the Kremlin in order to show the international community the architect of the occupation of eastern parts of Ukraine. The date of the presentation marks the anniversary of the Russian open military invasion that culminated in the Ilovaisk tragedy.


Exhibitions in the gallery it. Jacob Grether: "Unlimited completenes", "Individuals"

The viewer will be particularly interesting abstraction, as its main feature - the first confrontation between the logic of civilization. Art Center J. Grether does call his discovery, because the perception of abstraction based on emotions and intuitive perception, sense of color. No wonder it is believed that abstraction sees a man demanding to "spiritual food." Yes, we all know that to understand the necessary intellectual background art, because every picture is a world that is able to change a person or even humanity ... The history of the last century built on formulas, algorithms, principles, rules and equations . However, our inherent desire for balance and harmony. In this connection, at the dawn of an age of scientific and technological revolution appears to trend, which not pidkoryuyetsya classical canons of painting, but rather its goal is to give freedom unconscious and chaotic, seemingly meaningless, but thereby giving the person the opportunity to retire the impact of rules and dogmas maintain inner harmony. Works collected artists in tune. They originally and successfully applied abstraction. And it is not self-sufficient in recognition colorful formlessness, namely in harmonious unity with real images. Curators of the exhibition facilitates the perception of this kind of project because like abstract landscape. Result merge reality and abstraction was the extremely beautiful and compelling, and we invite you to join it!...

Exhibition «Sic Itur Ad Astra» - «This is the way to the stars» («Ukrainian National Home», New York).

Present-day pictorial art of Ukraine was presented in the framework of Culture Days in New York by the famous painter Daria Marchenko with her exhibition titled Sic Itur Ad Astra (Such is the Way to Stars). Her groundbreaking concepts in the spirit of philosophical symbolism deliver a straightforward message of the Ukrainian patriotic movement and liberating struggle, the struggle for the right to one’s own identity. Cartridges, woven into the Ukrainian national ornament on the Vyshyvanka canvas, stand for honor and firmness of our nation and culture.And the viewer is offered an alternative: either to weave an ornament of dialogue of the world history in the language of weapons, or the language of culture. The closing event of the Ukrainian Culture Days in New York was a solemn reception held on February 20 in the Ukrainian National Home, with support from the Embassy of Ukraine in the United Nations. Among the guests welcomed at the event were politicians, diplomats, UN representatives and members of the Ukrainian diaspora.

A series of Marchenko Daria’s landscapes and painting “Tyrant” in the cultural heart of Bruges, Luxembourg and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Flanders in Brussels.

A series of Marchenko Daria’s landscapes and painting “Tyrant” were exposed in the European cultural centers in Western Europe. This event was held as part of the project “Alternative. Ukraine – reality and future” of Art Center named after Grether, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Flanders and the Ukrainian Embassy in Belgium. European diplomatic, cultural and business elite was invited to take part in the dialogue for peace and economic prosperity.

15.11.2013 – the Ukrainian Cultural Centre of Belgium in Bruges

18.11. 2013 – the Ukrainian Cultural Centre of Belgium in Luxembourg.

16.02. 2014 – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Flanders in Brussels ...

Charity "Festival of Asian Culture and Food 2014" Exhibition "Asia" and "Jungle", Daria Marchenko and Daniel Green.

On November 8, the Ukrainian House welcomed more than two thousand people at the Asian Food Culture Festival. At the grand opening, before the six-hour cultural program, Kyiv residents were welcomed by the ambassadors of Japan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and South Korea, a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Yurii Lutovinov, and the President of the Diplomatic Club in Ukraine, Golda Vinogradskaya. Moreover, the First Lady’s welcome address was read to the audience; renowned Ukrainian artists and travellers Daniel Grin and Daria Marchenko, who presented their painting series – The Jungle and Asia– at the event, also gave speeches...


The charity exhibition “The Heart of the World”, at the opening of the charity fund. Presentation of painting “The heart of the world” created in Bethlehem.

The charity exhibition “The Heart of the World” was held in the Ukrainian house on October 22., the aim of this exhibition was to help families of the victims in  Donbass. The space was decorated with Znoba Nicholas’ sculptures. Darya Marchenko, Jamal Bodvan, Yuri Vakulenko, Lera Tarasenko Alexey Ivaniuk Natalia Nasibulina, Uliana Balan, Natalia Korf, Paul Vitanovskyi Natalia Bogachkova and a founder of “The Heart of the World”, Yanina Shevchenko presented their works at the exhibition...


The painting “Fate of the Earth” is exhibited in the Museum of Russian Art.

The painting “Fate of the Earth” is exhibited at the Museum of Russian Art in the framework of the project “Alternative” of Ya. Gretera Art Center. It shows a riot and a variety of “colors” in the Great Work of the Universe that the military convoy periodically contradicts to by sizzling on its way everything that is not subject to its laws and requirements. It eliminates all that falls under its massive iron Totalitarian steamroller of cartridge cases.

The work “The Sign of traffic signalization” has been accepted to the permanent exhibition in Berlin. My explanation of the work

The work “The Sign of traffic signalization” has become a part of the permanent exhibition in the prestigious European Museum MAUERMUSEUM – MUSEUM HAUS AM CHECKPOINT CHARLIE in Berlin. The materials of the exposition have been translated into five languages, 3,000 people has been visiting the museum daily.

(80 × 80 × 80) – iron, wood, acrylic, oil, contour, cartridge cases and fire.

In the light of the war that came to us, from the “rear”, in fact the collage “THE SIGN OF TRAFFIC SIGNALIZATION” can be interpreted unambiguously by audience, BUT...

Exhibition "World Genesis" in “Sugar Gallery”

An exhibition “World Genesis” was held on March 7 at the art space “ Sugar Gallery”.  The artist Daria Marchenko presented her works in a completely new style, which can be defined as the philosophical symbolic neo abstractionism. The paintings are permeated with exceptional creativity, which manifests itself in the conceptual approach to the works. Plastic solutions were a surprise: a unique combination of deep relief forms and fine lines. Daria uses...


Diplomatic Reception / Exhibition "Maidan" (Museum “Duhovnі Skarby”)

On May 15 in honor of the Europe Days in Ukraine in Kiev museum “Duhovnі Skarby”, there was a reception the purpose of which was to thank the leading activists of EuroMaidan and collect ambassadors and politicians for dialogue. As in every revolution, intellectuals became the flagship of the civil society...


Reading poetry in the gallery "Mistetskyi Arsenal"+ My Exposition "Windows"

For about 15 years I was writing solely into the table and did not dare to read poetry in public. If someone had told me that the debut would take place in the gallery “Arsenal”, I would have never believed it. But, apparently, I couldn’t really hold myself in, and the request to space was strong ... It all happened like in a fairy tale: a great poet from Odessa (and sometimes “a bit of” humorist) Sergey Bakumenko has found me and invited to perform in the framework of his two  programs. Thus, I was able to read everything that was in my mind. I have never thought that 15 years of experience can be voiced within fifty minutes... The sense of “light” understatement that was inside of me for such a long time has disappeared. Thanks to all, who visited this Birthday. Thank you for it, Sergei) ... It was cool, despite the “creative” differences. 

Exhibition "Freedom" / Museum “Duhovnі Skarby”

The painting "Freedom" is divided, unobtrusively, but is divided into the nine sectors, so it has the little touch of tag or the well known field of "Tic-Tac-Toe" game. Instead of noughts and crosses, we see the flags of the conflicting, at the moment, states. The most important "nought" in this field ― is the planet Earth, which resembles by its calm light that it is senseless to fight for territory. Because the goal for all is the same: the single, health, calm, beautiful planet, wrapped in white light of harmony.

The figures at the center are tending to this harmony and serve as a symbol of Freedom. Freedom means: to kneel up, to give a free hand, to go over, to split in two, to lose your head, to rise and to reject everything, that only seems to be important, for the main goal. After all, the wisdom of freedom is to reject everything temporary for the Eternal.

In the left corner of the painting is burning trade union building. Many people died in Kiev during a fire at the Maydan. Many will remember this smoke.

On a competitive basis I have won the right to participate in the International Festival of Visual Culture “Vizii”

There were three works presented at the exhibition "Vizii" in Kiev museum complex "Fortress". The Fountains were filmed on the hydroelectric power station in Minsk in 2009. I remember, I asked: "What the most beautiful places do you have in here?" "Thermal power plant and Hydropower plant" ... I dedicate them to the memory of Olga Babich, a girl who spontaneously pulled me to go there by hitchhiking. Dear Olenka, You were the most brave and undermined on the way from Minsk to Iran. Keep it up on longer distances! Today, thanks to you, I'm standing through the wall from Fabio Scacchioli stunning video works. I hope that you've got interesting neighbors There too.

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