Lecture "Five Elements of War or the Evolution of Dictatorship" - Ukrainian Cultural Center in Los Angeles

The Series “Five Primary Elements of War or The Evolution of Dictatorship“ consists of the following art works: “The Face of War”, “The Heart of War”, “The Brain of War”, “The Flesh of War” and “The fifth element or man-shell-money”. Every work has its own meaning as a separate art-work, but is, at the same time, interconnected with the other paintings, thus creating an overall composition. The piecesAlchemy” and “Honour” supplement the concept of the series.

Thanks to optical methods and specific character of materials used, almost all works in the series can be viewed dynamically. The pieces are composed of acrylic and oil paints, shells of different calibers, splinters of bombs and rockets, gold, bronze, steel, banknotes, optical glasses and military shoulder boards.




© Dasha Marchenko, 2020